The good circulation of energies is essential in Ayurveda

Do you suffer from small unexplained aches and pains? ... According to Ayurveda, the problem can come from one and the same problem: a bad circulation of energy in your body
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Spring: Kapha Season

Since the beginning of March, the first signs of spring are appearing!
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Some Ayurvedic beauty secrets

The basic principle of Ayurvedic cosmetics is that of personalization
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The potential of spices

Spices have an immense therapeutic power...
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Les gunas

The Gunas are the psychic qualities of the mind.
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The Jala Neti

Jala Nati is one of the acts of purification in Ayurveda and Yoga, which are called sat karman or kriya.
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Autumn in Ayurveda - Vata Season

With the arrival of Autumn, we enter the VATA period
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According to Ayurveda, diet plays a major role in our health....
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Ayurvedic cooking

Ayurveda is a true way of life which aims at the well-being of the human being in its entirety...
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Each dosha has its own yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda are two disciplines that work on the same principles of energy balance.
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Ayurvedic massages

In Ayurvedic medicine, massages are therapeutic tools in their own right!
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Morning Tips for Spring

Some basic principles in Ayurveda to fight against an excess of energy...
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Why drink hot water?

For thousands of years, Ayurveda has recommended drinking hot water throughout the day, in small sips. Drinking hot water has recognized therapeutic virtues.
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The best way to solve any problem is to sit down and talk about it.

Dalai Lama

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